How to Make Money Online and Offline without spending a dime in 2018

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Make Money Online in Nigeria, Make Money Online, Best Ways to Make Money Online

How do I Make Money Online or Offline this year and years to come is the question on most people’s lips now? This is so because the internet has provided us with so much making money opportunities and businesses to earn good income. As a matter of fact, people are now making money on the internet from the comfort of their home; In addition to that, many more people are also making money offline too.

Do you want to make legal money online? Or, you want to start an online business? If you can answer yes to that, then sit back and let us go through the very best and easiest ways of making money online.

Similarly, I will list some of the businesses that are offline too that you can earn good income from.

Ways To Make Money Online and Offline

Anybody can earn substantial amount of money through different online and offline businesses. As long as you know how to do it, the you too can start earn money through your online business.

There are different online business opportunities that you can tap into; some are totally new while some has been in existence for long.

Before we move on, I will like to tell you this – ‘to make money online or offline with any business model, you will need to be dedicated to that business’; not only that, but also be open to more research on it.

Instagram Traffic Software: Make Money with your Instagram Account.

The video below explain more on how to make money online with your Instagram followers.



Make Money Online Has No Demographic Boundaries

Either you are from United State of America, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Nigeria, Ghana or any country from any continent, we all have a great opportunity of making legal money online. As long as you have internet connectivity, you can make money online from anywhere in the world.

This is the beauty of the internet; it has no boundaries!

From time to time, opportunities comes up through different channels on the internet, and its only available to those that are interested. You too can earn cool cash online.

Best Ways to Make Money Online and Offline

  • Start your own website to make money;
  • Make money as you surf the internet; that is, with your browser;
  • Create a product to sell online;
  • Video Sells, create a Youtube channel;
  • Selling of digital products;
  • Earn Money as a Drop Shipper;
  • Affiliate Marketing – one of my favorites;
  • Make money with yours tweets;
  • Free online betting popularly known as match betting;
  • Take online surveys.

We can now got through them one after the other.

List of over 40+ Make Money Online Opportunities

Below are ways to make money online (for your consideration). Some you can start without you investing a dime, while others, you can start with little investment.

1. Start your own website

Make Money Online in Nigeria, How to make money Online in Nigeria, Make Money with My website

Starting out as an entrepreneur, the first thing I did was to set up my own website; with that, I was able to launch myself into the world.

You may have seen or read lots of making money online articles and blogs, you will realize that they all have one thing in common; that is – they all talk about you having your own website.

This is true!

With your own website, you have full control on what you display on it; you can sell advert spaces or monetize your site through many other means that is available to you.

To create your own website, you only two important things and these are:

  1. Domain Name; and
  2. Website hosting package.

If you are interested in starting your own website, you may want to check out BlueHost – company that will give you free domain name if you take out there cheap hosting package.

Ways to Monetise your website are:

Below, you can monetize your website with:

  1. Google Adsense;
  2. Ads choice; and
  3. Many other Ads network websites.

2. Make Money with your Browser (Get paid to Google)

Do you know that you can make money with your browser with no stress. Yes, this is true. Just search the internet the normal way you always do with Qmee and start earning immediately.

What I like most about the company is that you can cash out anytime; in fact, there is no minimal amount on your cash-out. What does that mean? It means that you can withdraw your earnings anytime.

Watch the video below to have a feel of what am talking about.

3. Create a product

The sound of creating your own product may sound scary to some people but I tell you what, this is a good online money making opportunity that will surely put money in your bank account.

In fact, many people find this challenging; but I will simplify the process here. Even if you can not create the product yourself, find a product developer on Freelance websites to create it for you; or look to buy a private label right for a product that is already in existence.

To begin with, do your research online for the market segment you are looking to go into; and at the same time, make sure the market segment is profitable enough  before venturing into the sector.

Regardless of whatever route you take, one thing that is certain is – with your our product, you can make money online easily.

4. Video Sells, Create YouTube Channel

Leveraging on the popularity of Youtube advertisement is a good way of making money. As you may know, majority of Youtube uses are there for either to watch entertainment video or videos of how to solve a problem.

Nevertheless, you can take advantage of a niche on youtube and build on that niche. How? You can build a Youtube channel, create videos that can solve peoples’ problems by showing them the ‘hows’ the problems can be solve. In other words, create video tutorial to slove problems. By doing so, you are adding values

Remember, your videos should be engaging and well-thought-out video tutorial. Youtube will be you according to the number of views for your video.

As shown above (the Instagram video), there are legitimate ways to make money with video and Youtube.

5. Selling Digital Products

In today’s world of technology, selling digital products on the internet is making more millionaires than selling physical products.

You know what, during the course of putting this article together, I came about a couple making an average of $50,000.00 on Shopify.

What digital product are they selling? Your guess is as good as mine. They sell downloadable PDF of sewing patterns

As you can see from the story above, it is important to realize that there is money to be make in selling digital products.

Another key point, digital products market is big and the players in it are not many. In other words, the entry barrier is low.

6. Drop Shipping

Depending on the type of products you are looking to sell, drop shipping business is another good online business to venture into.

I did it for few years ago (2010 – 2016) in the UK and made cool money each month. At least, I was making between £1,750.00 – £2,2400.00 each month on a regular basis.

How does Drop Shipping works?

Similar to affiliate marketing but different in the mode of selling. As a drop shipper, you will sell items for manufacturers or dealers, collect the money then place the order for the goods on behalf of the customers.

If you do your financial math well, you should be making sustainable regular income from the price mark-up.

Another key point or advantage for drop shippers is the fact that you do not hold stock of goods. That means, you place order once you receive payment.

In addition to that, the manufacturer or distributor will deliver the item(s) to the customer on your behalf. In other words, your customer will receive item as if its being delivered from you.

7. Affiliate Marketing

Make Money with Affiliate Marketing, How to make Money Online, Make Money Online in Nigeria

Image Courtesy of VigLink

Arguably, affiliate marketing is considered to be among the best ways to make money. In fact, billions of dollars are being made each months by affiliate marketers.

If you got good traffic on your site, blog or have good social media presence. this is a good opportunity to leverage on your popularity; you can start bringing in money immediately.

Registering as a publisher with affiliate network websites give you instant access to start promoting different company products and services.

Sometimes, the affiliate you go with may mostly depend on your preferences and few other things; such as – Demography products, items or services that you are looking to promote.

For example, I always promote UK, USA Affiliate Programs and Nigeria Affiliate Programs because I can receive payments in US Dollars, UK Pounds and Nigeria Naira.

8. Sell your tweets

Make Money on Twitter, How to make money with Twitter, How to make money online in Nigeria

Do you tweet? If you do, you may earn some money from your tweets.

As you may know, the micro-blogging platform has grown from a start-up platform to a platform where billions of micro-blogs are tweeted every day. As this transformation is on-going, so are the people making money with their tweets growing.

So, how do you make money with twitter?

Below are ways in which money are made on twetter:

i. Sponsored Tweets:

You can make money by sending sponsored tweet. This is how most celebrities of this world are making money on tweeter. You too can benefit from sponsored tweet if you have more than enough followers on your twitter account.

As a matter of fact, you can generate between $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 per single tweet.

ii. TwittAd:

Few twitter affiliate network companies now pay between $1.00 to $5.00 for you to tweet their advertisers tweet.

iii. Tweet your affiliate links:

As shown above, affiliate marketing makes money. To get traffic to your affiliate program, you can use your tweets to drive traffic to the products and services you are promoting.


9. Free Online Betting

Popularly known as Match Betting or as wikipedia puts its, it is a betting techniques used to make profit from the free bets. In fact, it is risk free and at the same time, money can be made from it.

With the Match Betting, you, you can get returns of over 85% on your initial free bet.

You can use google search for free betting to start with.

10. Take Online Surveys

From time to time, online survey has been a way to generate extra income for most of us. In fact, I personally have made few bucks from taking part in a 2 – 5 minute online survey. Not only that, bust also receive lots of free gifts for taken part in those surveys.

While some surveys companies will pay for signing up, some will not. The good thing about all of them is that they are all paid surveys.

For more information, please visit the google Paid Survey search page.

11. Review Websites and Apps

12. Flipping Domain Names

13. Be an Email Marketer 0r a Solo Ads individuals

14. Paid to search the internet

15. Take Online Survey

16. Write E-book

17. Become a freelance or a Clickworker

18. Music Review to make money

19. Make Money on Ebay, Amazon and others

20. Become a Mystery Shopper

21. Set up online training course

22. Make Money with your Smart Phone

23. Create an App

24. Rent your House on AirBnB

25. Sell Photos online

26. Be an Article writer

27. Invest in Penny Stocks

28. Get paid to watch TV

29. Join Focus Group

30. Proof Readers Make Money

31. Stock Market Trading

32. Take and Sell Snapshots

33.Create E-Electronic Niche

34. Play Games Online

35 Get Cash Back on Shopping.

36. Become a Product tester

37. Get Paid to read adverts

38. Become a Website UserTester

39. Earn Money Online from internet research

Other Ways to Make Money – Offline

40. Become a Delivery Driver

41. Drive for Uber or Lyfe

42. Sell your unwanted items

43. Be a Consultant

44. Car Space Renting


Truly you can make tons of money with any of the mentioned list of money making opportunities above.

As there are more than one way to earn income online or offline, it is always best to try practicing them.

Nevertheless, my favorites of all are – own website, affiliate marketing and selling digital products; you too can try them.

If you are looking for how to make money online or offline, I suggest you lay your hands on one or more of the online money making advice mentioned above.